Its was March 2020 and we where in the middle of our first European industry trip guided by Esteban Garibi, owner of the brand and a natural in the Jalisco Raicilla territory.
After we had the chance to relax in the Pacific mild warm days, while enjoying the company of Don Beto and his Son, producers of my all time favorite expression Costa Norte. We feasted and drank the good stuff, saw the sunset in Mayto beach and forgot briefly about Corona hitting the hole planet.

Next day we set sail to the Sierra Occidental. Looked by as we drove past Puerto Vallarta, a huge port that brings tons of tourist to this beautiful pacific beaches of Jalisco and Nayarit, it was pretty deserted.
On the Maps the ride was only 100+km but it did took us a bunch of hours to pass the port city and get well into sierra Occidental.
To my Surprised we stopped to visit a Producer at La Estancia, almost an hour away from Mascota.
I enter the taberna with a lot of curiosity since this was a new place that I never had the opportunity to visit. Camera was immediately in my grip since the taberna was so beautiful and tidy, started to shoot around immediately.

 In the taberna was a young man fully concentrated in his tasks, he rapidly presented himself to the new crowd that was creeping into the taberna from all angles, "Jorge Luis Aguirre mucho gusto" he told us firmly shaking the hands of some of us. Shortly after I was surprised to realize he was the maestro mezcalero, but the real shock came when he mentioned he was 25 years old!!

After trying some fresh cooked Maximiliana agave right out the oven, Jorge and Esteban began to chat and shared how he started from very young age, helping his Grand father Don Guelo in the Taberna, since his father never had interest in the tradition of producing.
We tried some of his fine Raicilla along with some local food (the cheese there is unreal good). Afterwards we where a bit more animated and the ice broke a bit. Esteban mentioned if we could try this old batch from his "abuelo". Jorge had been guarding it on the back side of the Taberna where he lives with his family.
What we sample was really special!!
A beautiful marriage between the Raicilla production style  from Sierra Occidental and the Tequilana weber vibe, profile and energy. All bounded by 20 years time!
Quickly had the chance of taking just one quick photo of the maturation area, which was fairly dark! We came out of the space with big smiles and pushed thru to Mascota where the next day Lobo de la Sierra would receive us with his unique spirit, Puntas and some other specialties he is known for.

Check out some other pics me and the lovely group took in this special pitstop on the 2020 Industry trip.
The sale of La Venenosa Azul will be out to the public at midday on Sunday 6.02.2021. Few Bottles available, This will not happen again any time soon, ok maybe in 20 years.

The grand sohn of Don Guelo and his wife

La estancia Viewold tools for the oven

Carrying a tool for the grinding of the cooked agave

Drink responsibly