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Damajuana is born through friendship, love for fine esthetics, passion for hand crafted goods and a generational back ground of Mexican made hi quality ceramics.
Santiago Padilla is the first element, he is a 3th generation ceramist with wide experience in hi temperature ceramics along with a natural feeling for timeless, sturdy handmade dinnerware and accessories. He is 100% in every step of the making process.
Cristobal Martinez Negrete is the catalyzer of this project. He has been working along Agavera since the start, setting us up with an integral branding design, considering those elusive sociocultural element that helps us communicate effectively an original impression of contemporary Mexico without losing our cultural roots.
Finally there Is Christian Schrader the guy who has brought Agavera to life and has been providing great Mexican spirits along in Berlin & Germany with passion and a wide understanding of the ever-growing agave categories.

Damajuana is to be released in early December 2020 with a limited first release and a sale of few of the beautiful pilot  cups we presented early this year.

     Damajuana Bike workshop       

Written by christian schrader
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