BEÚ Spirits is a Zurich & Berlin-based start-up that produces mezcal and agave spirits. The young company consists of six dedicated partners from Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, and Peru with a great love for mezcal and agave spirits. The products are traditionally made in Oaxaca, in the south of Mexico, by local maestros mezcaleros and also maestras mezcaleras.

BEÚ [noun: b’eu]: Zapotec for the moon - the indigenous language of Oaxaca. BEÚ Spirits is a tribute to the cycles of nature and Mexican traditions.

BEÚ Spirits places great emphasis on authenticity. This is why they support local traditions, respect the cultural heritage, and only work with Maestros Mezcaleros - to guarantee the best possible ancestral and artisanal agave spirits to their customers. The company works exclusively with small producers who rely on a great deal of experience and a large wealth of knowledge.

Their goal is to operate in harmony with nature and maintain its balance: Producing smaller, high-quality mezcal batches give the agave enough time to regenerate - an agave needs an impressive 8 to 25 years to reach maturity! In addition, the labels are sustainably produced with the fibrous waste products from the pulping process.

The team regularly performs extensive tastings and refining techniques to select the best production methods to perfect their agave spirits.


Ayde and Abraham Diaz, a young, native couple to the region of Oaxaca, are the producers of New Moon Espadin. Both come from families that produce maguey Espadín. After years of overproduction of maguey, they came up with the idea of creating a palenque to make the most of that precious
raw material. Their modern palenque is in charge of a master blender and a food chemist, who together have managed to shape their distillates to excellence. They are also constantly working on becoming more sustainable, with clean energy, water recycling, waste re-utilization, and vinasse treatment.

Crescent Moon, Tobala-Cuishe comes from a small family business dedicated to the production of mezcal since the 1970s. The effect of migration, like many small towns in southern Mexico, affected this region, leaving very few men to continue the mezcal tradition, Nelson Garcia and his family were among the few who did not migrate and continue the tradition until today. They cultivate their own maguey and work with six agave varieties including Espadín.

The curious and innovative nature of Domingo Orzoco, maestro mezcalero and food chemist, turns each mezcal (Blood moon, Moon ceremony, infusions) into a unique taste experience and earned the brother his nickname the alchemist. His palenque is dedicated to the production of unique agave spirits and infusions. They strike the perfect balance between traditional mezcal making, using wild and semi-cultivated agave with eccentric tinkering to create extravagant mezcal infusions, always utilizing seasonal & local fruits, flowers and herbs. 




Written by christian schrader
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