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Ciro de la Barranca was without a doubt one of the most prestigious Maestros mezcaleros of the state of Guerrero, He passed away in June 2022.

The mezcals of the SANZEKAN collective brand are elaborated in an artisanal way following the tradition of centuries, which has been transmitted and respected from generation to generation.

For its production we use wild maguey papalote (agave Cupreata), this species of maguey is endemic to the Balsas river depression. It grows between 1400 and 2000 meters above sea level between oak groves, pastures and low jungles. The maguey papalote needs between 7 to 13 years to mature and reproduces only by seeds, that is why SANZEKAN cultivates plants in nurseries and has a reforestation program.

Maestro Don Chencho is the grandson of Ciro and he has also incredible Mezcales to offer in our website.

    • Maestro Ciro de la Barranca
    • Ahuacoutzintla, Guerrero
    • Agave Cupreata (papalote) Wild 9-12 years, Harvested on Rocky slope
    • Conical Underground with stone Cooked W/ White & yellow Oak + Tepehuaje 
    • Manual Milling
    • Ayacahuite wood vat Fermentation for 7 days
    • Double distillation Copper Alembic
    • Volume: 700 ml
    • 50° ABV
    • Maturated in glass for 15 Years!
    • Lote: CIRO2007
    • Only 12 bottles available in Europe