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La Venenosa Raicilla is one of the central brands of Agavera.
Based in Jalisco, this brand has pioneered the raicilla category outside México and has helped legitimize the state as the second on agave diversity worldwide.
There is a very wide arrange of expression that can be found under this brand.
BUT this post is really about the white expression known as Tabernas.

One aim with tabernas is to present an expression of Jalisco that can be sipped on its own or can also be employed into mixology with special consideration in price, without compromising the quality, sadly a growing trend on mezcal mean for pouring. 
Another angle to the expression is to showcase the robust range of profiles the state of Jalisco can provide. By buying up front a yearly/ batch production La Venenosa offers ANY agave aficionado the opportunity of doing a one of a kind batch collection.
The rotation with the producers helps them to develop and grow their taberna or Tachica (place where the production of agave spirits takes place in Jalisco) and offers consumers to better understand the category.

When the batch is gone, it is really gone.
We still have few bottles of the Old batch here.
If you want to check out the current batch click here.

Enjoy responsibly!!
Enjoy Mezcales from Jalisco !

Written by christian schrader
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