Aguerrido is hands down the best example that is never too late to start something that is meaningful to yourself.
A collective brand that is constituted by mainly elderly Maestros that each carry around 40 years of experience. It's a cheerful bunch that trust the leadership of Erika Menenses, a young woman that brings the spark to the table.

Pushing any mezcal brand out of the state of Guerrero sets up a handful of challenges upon the already maneuvers one needs to go through to export mezcal. No stranger to violence, corruption and dead. 

The name of the brand "AGUERRIDO" is a clear stance where these maestros have decided to present themselves. They decided to leave the Sanzekan collective (were they previously part of) since it does not serve their goals and life trajectory.
We currently offer an exceptional batch from Ciro Barranca Bello, one of the founding members of Aguerrido and Sanzekan. This is special Mezcal batch, only 12 bottles available for the EU market. Ciro is deceased since May 2022. 

This new project started from the ground up and it has been our honor to have the chance and pitch in by bringing this incredible liquid heritage to the EU market. Because mezcal that is solidary to a real cause tastes always sweeter than big branded Mezcal.

This fierce Maestros offer us a real taste into the wonderful mezcal from this beautiful state.


En pie de lucha! 

Written by christian schrader
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