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For most of the "civilized" world it seems like an outdated idea to continue distilling with archaic utensils such as a hollow tree trunk or Claypot. Nowadays there is much more precise, efficient, resilient stills like Copper, stainless still, to name a few.
One (if not the most) important reason why people keep using this ancient technique would be that it tastes amazing!!. The interaction between the fermented juice being cooked with the carved tree trunk makes up for a one of a kind profile (a complex recipe if you will). Nevertheless producers are well aware that their trunk stills have a brief life span and that the system itself provides a low yield.
A brief conclusion would be that Maestros Taberneros ( Producers of traditional Agave spirits in Jalisco) are strongly rooted to their environment and see no logic or reason in implementing a different way to distill, erasing a priceless cultural heritage in doing so.

As far as we know, there are two types of trees that are used in the distillation of Agave spirits in Jalisco:

  • Higuera Blanca (Ficus insipida
    It grows to be a massive tree that provides a cool environment under the shadow it provides. The stills are cut from the lager limbs of the tree. La Venenosa Costa Norte is made with this type of tree trunk.
  • Bonete ( Jacaratia Mexicana) Is made of a slimmer type of tree that only grows up in the pacific side of Mexico. Makes for a smaller still and print a different taste profile. Bonete produces a fruit that takes a long time to mature (around six months). Has similar looks to a Papaya and is often enjoyed by bats and other groovy jungle animals.
    Joaquin Solis produces a hell of a Raicilla with Bonete.
    (only available in US).

This tropical trees are found near the pacific coast of Mexico (Bonete) as well o in the Caribbean and in central America  all the way into the Amazonas in the case of Higuera Blanca.

Now you might ask yourself, where can I find such a unique spirit?

  1. We sell Costa Norte an extraordinary expression from Don Beto and sohn.
  2. Cumbrita de la Sierra is a new import from us! Available in 200 & 500 mL
  3. La Venenosa Sierra de Amula  (NEW IN THE WORLD MARKET)
  4. You can also find beautiful expressions from Santos Juarez  & El Japo in this website.


We are all about Mexican spirits.

Old Bonete still Jalisconavaja PosadaBonete stillDon Beto La venenosa COsta NorteHiguera still uninstalledNavaja PosadaRaicilla Still La Venenosa Sierra de Amula sealing the stillLa Venenosa Sierra de Amula tree trunk stillchacolo tree trunk stillBonete stills Jalisco

🗣Shoutout to Mezonte for providing some of some Photos and for their Groovie education platform.
🗣Also to La Venenosa Raicilla for letting us help co-organize the European Industry trip in Jalisco in 2020, for keeping the stream of knowledge alive and flowing for all these years

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Written by christian schrader
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