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One could say the Damajuana Project has been for some time in the making.
Here is our story.
First time I asked my friend Santiago Padilla if he would be up for developing a beautiful Mezcalero/ espresso cup that could represent the balance of a handmade product and the zeitgeist of contemporary Mexico, he replied with a big smile saying, Ha huevo cabron!! Meaning in essence, that he was certain he could deliver.

After receiving several test products on my visits to Mexico and his to Europe in a period of more or less of three years, we came up with what we profoundly believe its a solid product of top quality, same as the spirits that we have the joy/pride of distributing in Germany.

But having a great product was not enough to effectively bring it to Europe. Its was then when we felt that we needed to bring the product to life by giving it true identity. That same day we reached for Cristobal Martinez Negrete. A dear friend of us and the natural catalyzer to Damajuana.
Together we  developed the Juanita's, each devoted to a key element of each essential part of ANY brand. 

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