Paranubes Rum Caña morada

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This is the very first product we opened up outside Agave spirits.
And we have Goodman reason why!!
An undisturbed Agricole style rum that might shift the way you understand this category all together. If it happen to us it can happen to you.
Overproof at 54.4° this jewel form Oaxaca Mexico is made with only 1 type of sugar cane varietal:

  • Caña Morada.

Fermentation is a rolling ferment that lasts for up to four months!!
Zero water is added to proof this spirit, José Luis Carrera knows what he is doing, he is a 3th generation producer in the Sierra Mazateca.
Check out some Cocktails you can do with this amazing Rum

  • Jose Luis Carrera 3th generation Producer
  • 100% caña morada
  • Hand-cut and mechanically pressed at the trapiche within 24 hours 
  • Sugarcane juice is wild fermented in 1,100 liter Pine wood vats.
  • Distillation is done in a single run on the six-plate copper column still 
  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 54.4° Alc /ABV