NETA Mexicanito

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Assisted by his family and with some additional guidance from his father, maestro palenquero Celso García Cruz, Mario worked this production from the oven through distillation, eventually composing 70L at 46.7% Alc. by Vol. using a careful blend of heads, hearts, and a select cut of high proof tails. 90 bottle batch available Through Agavera!
Mario Garcia Jarquin is the youngest producer of the NETA family. With only 20+/- years of age, he is already making extraordinary batches. 
This batch that we have specifically selected is a sweet proof that young generations can deliver what is commonly know among agave nerds as the GOOD JUICE!!

This micro batch of Rhodacanta Agave was sorted from The Sierra Sur in Miahuatlán, a few hours away from Logoche. There is a long standing relationship with Agave growers/land owners from these regions, were  both parties benefit from the relationship. Growers go "a medias" were the producer pays with half of the final batch (and the growers use the mezcal for their local celebrations). Or Producer pays for the agaves right up front like the case with this batch

More juicy information about this batch you can find at the NETA website!

  • Maguey: Mexicanito (Agave rhodancantha var.)
  • Provenance of the maguey: Wild maguey from the sierra of Santa Lucia, Miahuatlán
  • Producer: Mario García Jarquín
  • Region: Logoche, Miahuatlán
  • Date of production: April 2022
  • Soil type: red earth tierra roja
  • Rest time after harvest: one week
  • Oven: Conical earthen oven; six days with mesquite wood
  • Rest time after oven: four days
  • Maceration: Machete and mechanical shredder
  • Fermentation: Native yeasts; 1000kg agave divided between two 1200L Montezuma cypress sabino wood vats
  • Dry fermentation time: three days
  • Wet fermentation time: eight days
  • Distillation: 2x in copper pot stills
  • Final composition: heads, hearts, and a select cut of high proof tails
  • Batch size: 70L
  • ABV: 46.8%MXNMRG2204