La Venenosa Raicilla Tepe

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This unique expression from remote Jalisco is a cultural product like no other in Mexico.

On the way to the Sierra Norte of Jalisco state one encounters an array of diverse indigenous entities. There are four ethnic groups; Coras, Tepehuanos, Huicholes (also known as Wixárika & Mexicaneros.
Esteban Morales (owner of La Venenosa) passionately narrates how he got to know this family that produced "Tepe" back in the day when the travels to the area were easier. The goal being to present the Series of "La Venensosa Etnica" where there is the atemporal goal is to represent all the Ethnic groups that have kept the tradition of crafting their endemic agaves in spirits alive.

With the aid of Santos (Maestro that produces Tutsi) it is possible to get a little bit of this cultural juice into the hands of Esteban, which in return, allows us to have a wider and deeper look (and taste) to the importance of keeping alive this truly hidden Gems of the vast world of Agave spirits.

Currently in tricky to get more pictures of the production of Tepe since is quite dificult to access the area).

  • Pablo Galván
  • Las Cuevitas, Zacatecas
  • Wild Forged Agustivolia spp.
  • Ground oven and volcanic rocks heated with oak wood. 
  • Hand-chopped with machete.
  • Fermentation in Tinaco
  • Wood and copper, Tepehuano style, double distillation
  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 42° ABV  or according to Batch