Habanero Salt

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Discover the allure of Worm Up Sal de Habanero—a 100% organic creation.

A special recipe combines the heat of Habanero (Capsicum chinense) and Colima sea salt, enriched with toasted chili. Experience an unexpected spiciness, medium acidity, and a unique oily sensation, perfect for enhancing fruits or elevating Agave distillates.

Unveil the mustard-colored powder's freshness, distinguished by a mineral taste and slightly acidic aroma upon opening. Our meticulous production begins with the careful selection of Habanero and chili peppers, dried and blended in a low-frequency mixer with sea salt, resulting in a fine-textured, mustard-hued powder sieved greater than 200.

 Indulge in the distinctive essence of Worm Up Sal de Habanero.

This one is for the Chili lovers! for those who want to spice up their life!