Derrumbes Tamaulipas

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This majestic ensemble comes from one of the appellation’s most undiscovered territories. It is also one to cherish as it represents a rare opportunity to explore an area with complex violence problems which make it hard to visit. Maestro mezcalero Cuauhtémoc Jaquez delivers a stunning ensemble with a blend of 3 different agaves: Tamaulipas endemic Funkiana and Univittata, together with Americana. The result is a high-energy spirit that feels sweet, dry and rich with multiple layers of flavor and aroma.

Maestro Mezcalero Cuahutemoc Jaques

San Carlos, Tamaulipas

Agave Americana/ Univittara/ Funquiana

Cooked in underground pit, black Oak

Mechanical Mill

Fermented in Stainless vats, natural

Copper still Distillation 

60+ Days of Maturation

48.2° Vol Alc