Derrumbes Guerrero

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This exquisite mezcal hails from the deep territories of Guerrero, from the province of Coyuca de Catalán. But what makes it truly special is its rarity - sourced from the rouged terrain and unique sociocultural reality of the area, accessing this mezcal is a treasure hunt in itself!

The mastero Mezcalero, Israel Rios, is a direct family member of the legendary Don Beto, Master Destiller behind the delightful green expression of La Venenosa. Not only do they share a strong family bond, but they also embrace the rare and amazing tree trunk still distillation process, which adds a touch of Funk & magic to each bottle.

Guerrero boasts an exceptional variety of mezcales in our agave rooster, and we can't wait to share them with you! Interested in exploring the hidden gems of this region? You might also want to know more about the state's current sociopolitical reality, which adds even more depth to the story.

By choosing a bottle of mezcal from Guerrero, you're not just savoring a wonderful spirit - you're also contributing to the lives of these incredible Maestros & Maestras Mezcaleros. Every purchase takes us a step closer to slowly turn around their communities and supporting their pride and honor in their craft.

Cheers to a journey of rich flavors and meaningful impact!"

Maestro Mezcalero Israel Ríos Bucio

Coyuna de Catalán

Agave Cupreata

Cooked in Pit over with White Oak

Mechanical grinder

Fermented with Wild yeast in Tinaco

Philippine Higuera´s Tree Trunk

60+ Days of Maduration

45° Vol Alc