BEÚ New moon Espadin

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BEÚ spirits’ NEW MOON mezcal is crafted by Jaziel Martínes Pérez & collective at their
sustainable palenque in Yautepec, Sierra sur, Oaxaca. The agave hearts are delicately cooked in a stone oven, chopped and naturally fermented in pinewood barrels.

NEW MOON is then double-distilled in a large copper pot-still.

Maguey: Espadín (Agave angustifolia)
Location: El Gramal, Yautepec, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca
Producer: Casa Mezcales Conciencias
Maestro Mezcalero: Jaziel Martínes Pérez
Ripening time: 6-8 years
Class: Joven
Category: Artesanal
Oven type: Conical underground oven, covered with stone
Mill type: Horse-drawn milling
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in pinewood barrels
Distillation: Double-distilled in copper pot-stills
Alc. Vol: 48%
Net. Cont: 700 mL
Taste profile: Nose: Cooked sweet agave, fresh cut grass with subtle tones of lychee.
Palette: Notes of caramelized raw sugar but very mild sweetness, roasted
green vegetables leading into light smokiness with smooth,
mouthwatering molasses on the finish.

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