Since early on we have been pushing education around all things agave.
Agave spirits Its super immersive category that touches down in regionality and generational knowhow with little changes through time. 
Tastings are a fun road to educational drinking, if you have not yet try them, they will certainly change the way you see and consume booze.

Agave tasting are possible for your work space ( great for bonding and blowing up some steam) in your offices or in a private space (might change according to location) in Berlin.

Agave tasting for private costumers are often an immersive experience where we go head first into the vats real of all things agave. it´s great gift, a new way to relate with spirits, a serious channel to deepen your Agave knowledge but overall it is FUN!  

Write us a line to learn more about :

  • What type of agave spirits you wish to try
  • Amount of people
  • Time/ date availability
  • Budget 
  • Location 

We will be happy to offer you a speedy quote!

Due to current Pandemic this service might be limited. Stay safe, drink home!

Lets learn & drink some spirits together