Lobo de La Sierra Raicilla

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This is one of the smoothest Raicillas from Jalisco that will ever cross your lips.
Delivered via the magnificent skills of Gerardo Peña, a.k.a. El Lobo de la Sierra, this is hands down a truly spectacular Mezcal from Jalisco that demands your attention. 
El Lobo has a solid background in wine from his years in California, skills he seamlessly incorporates into his Raicilla.
The result is a beautifully expressive Maximiliana expression that is so smooth you won’t believe you're having an agave spirit, until it hits the spot!!

🌟Craftspirits Festival Destille Berlin 2020 Bronze Medal

  • Producer Gerardo Peña, El lobo de la Sierra

  •  Made in Taberna " El Manantial", Jacales, Jalisco, Mexico.

  • 100% Agave Maximiliana 

  •  Cooked with Oak for 3-4 days in Adobe ovens above ground

  •  Wild  natural fermentation 

  •  Arabic stainless steel Pot

  •  Double distillation First with wood second with gas

  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 42° Alc ABV