La Venenosa Raicilla Tutsi

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This unique expression from remote Jalisco is a cultural product like no other in Mexico.
Tutsi is a mezcal that is produced by the indigenous people know as Wirrarikas (also commonly know as Huicholes).  Their tradition of making agave spirits was lost for several years thanks to cheaper spirits that came to this region, out casting the hard labor endeavor that is to produce Mezcal.
When Esteban Garibi ( the Owner of La Venenosa) went to visit this region to ask where he could find that precious agave juice and heard the tragic capitalistic oriented story, then he set out to bring Tutsi back to life .
Working with the last family that had historical knowledge to produce this rare spirit, they reconstructed all the previous methods and techniques that require the making of this fine Mezcal.
Pictures talk for themselves when you see how incredible archaic the making of this mezcal is. Naturally its a Micro batch production that need to be distributed between the Huchiol community and the rest of the world.

  • Don Rafael Carrillo Pizano
  • La Guayaba, Jalisco. Tatei Kie Village
  • Wild Forged Agave Masparillo
  • Earth oven pit heated with Black or Pine
  • Grinding by hand with machete
  • Fermentation in stone pool with natural wild yeast
  • Single distillation in a truck tree
  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 45.5° ABV  or according to Batch