La Venenosa Raicilla Costa Norte

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This absolutely banger raicilla is some one of the most extravagant funky expression in the mezcal world.
Its producer lives close to the gorgeous beaches of the pacific coast of Cabo Corrientes in Jalisco Mexico.

 Father and Sohn distill on a seldomly used hollow tree truck vessel with with a conical copper condenser. Simple and brilliant!!
This raicilla comes at 45.5°Alc /Vol with notes of cedar and pine.

Great balance of smoke and agave!
🌟Craftspirits Festival Destille Berlin 2017 Bronze medal

  • Don Alberto Hernandez & Sohn
  • El Tuito Jalisco, Mexico
  • Agave Chico Aguiar ( Angustifolia) Y Amarillo ( Rhodacanta)
  • Wooden tub with wild Yeast
  • Double distilled in Higuera blanca wood still
  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 45.5 ABV