La Venenosa Blanca

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This new expression of La Venenosa portrays the wonderful power of generational knowledge.
When the project of Tabernas started in 2019 it had the aim to showcase the diversity of the state through its heterogeneity of regions, styles of production and of course the magical hand that each producer brings to life into the expressions we love to sip on.

On the second edition of this project was Don Chalio, a legendary producer on the Jalisco coast who represented the expression and brought it to new heights. Don Chalio passed on March 2023 leaving her daughter Blanca Rodriguez in charge.

It is Blanca Rodriguez who now brings this new/old expression to life and we are very excited to witness new beginnings with generational background. Proof that younger generations have much to bring forward to the table of all things agave.


  • Agave Chico Aguiar (Angustifolia A.) & Amarillo ( Rhodacantha)
  • Costa, Rancho Cono, Jalisco
  • Conical Stone oven, heated by Oak
  • Fermentation8 to 12 days in Stainless steel
  • Double distilled in stainless steel
  • 300 bottle batch
  • 48.7° Alc./ Vol