Grasshopper Salt

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Made with the special recipe of the house, using sea salt, a mixture of toasted chiles and corn grasshopper (Spheranium purpurascens) from Oaxaca that gives an exquisite flavor andexperience to the palate.

Its spicy and mineral notes are perfect for the delight of spirits, accentuating the experience on the palate. In addition, it can be used as a condiment for fruits of your choice.

The terracotta color and the medium texture of the grasshopper salt and its spicy aroma distinguish its quality and freshness at the moment of opening the bottle.

The production of our Worm Up Sal de Chapulin begins with the capture of adult grasshoppers for drying and toasting, at the same time the mixture of previously dried chilies (ancho, guajillo and piquin) will be ground and incorporated with sea salt in a mixer low frequency, to obtain a terracotta colored powder with a medium texture, sieved between 100 and 200.

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