El Tequileño Blanco

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A detailed overview of the tequila production process at El Tequileño:

Emphasizing the high-quality agave sourced from the Highlands of Jalisco, the use of steam pressure autoclaves for cooking, the use of pure volcanic spring water for milling, open fermentation influenced by 150-year-old mango trees, distillation in copper pot stills, sustainability efforts, and the importance of aging in different-sized barrels to achieve exceptional flavor profiles. This reflects a deep understanding of the production and cultural aspects of Mexican spirits, which aligns with Agavera´s mindset and interests.

The home of El Tequileño is the historic ‘La Guarreña” distillery located in the magical town of Tequila. El Tequileño is exclusively made here and this has not changed since it was founded by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo in 1959.

Love the fact that that this blanco is also passed through wood (for 14 days) before bottling. The pass is on this immense American Oak vessels called Pipones. Check the snaps, read on about their story and give this bad boy a try.
YES is additive free as well!

AGAVE TYPE: Tequilana Weber
AGAVE REGION: Jalisco (Los Altos)
REGION: Jalisco (Los Valles)
COOKING: Autoclave (High pressure)
EXTRACTION:  Roller Mill
WATER SOURCE: Natural spring water
FERMENTATION: Mixto70% Agave- 30% Local unrefined Mexican cane sugar), Fermentation without fibers, Cement Tank,
DISTILLATION: 2x distilled
STILL: Copper Pot
ABV/PROOF: 38% abv 

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