Derrumbes Michoacan

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Derrumbes  Michoacan is an elegant combination of the states iconic Chino and Alto agaves and its unique ancestral distillation technique. Chino (Cupreata) brings mature fruit notes while Alto (Ineaquidens) complements with a delicate herbaceous character that resembles the pine forests that surround it. It is fermented under the red clay floor of the taberna in pinewood lined pits to protect it from low temperatures to be then distilled in Michoacán’s own Philippine style stills made of wood staves and copper over direct flame.

Tzitzio Michoacan

Maestro Mezcalero Lupe Pérez Toledo

Cenizo ( inaequidens) & Cupreata (Asparagaceae)

Cooked underground stone pit with Black oak

Fermented Underground wood and clay Vats

Philipine with pine wood and Coppervessel

60+ Days of Maduration

43.2° Vol Alc