Cumbrita de la Sierra

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Cumbrita de la Sierra is a 100% single producer owned ancestral brand from Batopilas, Chihuahua, Mexico. The Maestro, Dolores González is at least the third generation of producer in his family, and one of a handful who are still producing Lechuguilla in the region; His vinata is located a few hours from the town of Batopilas in a rancho called Yierbaniz. Batopilas means “encased river” in the Tarahumara language, and is located at the bottom of the famous Copper Canyon, in the Sierra Tarahumara. The area was once a very important mining town (it was the second place in Mexico, after Mexico City to get electricity) and it is likely that Lechuguilla production is a vestige of the mining past, as is so common with other agave distillates throughout Mexico. In this region the word “Lechuguilla” refers both to the plant, and the drink distilled from it. The agave used is Agave shrevei, although there does appear to be a lot of morphological variation and we may eventually find out that there are a couple different species being used. Dolores will on occasion add a couple piñas of sotol (a species of Dasylirion) or Chawi (Agave multifilifera) to the fermentations as well, but this is quite uncommon. The Agave grows about 1000 meters above Batopilas, on the summits  of the cliffs of the Copper Canyon (hence the name - Cumbrita de la Sierra - Summit of the Mountain). The producers will travel up and out of the canyon with horses and donkeys, staying in the mountains for days on end while they cut and haul the Lechuguilla back to the Vinata (area of production). 

  • Maguey: Agave Shravei (lechuguilla)
  • Provenance of the maguey:  Batopilas
  • Producer: Dolores Gonzalez
  • Region: Yierbaniz, Sierra Taraumara, Chihuahua 
  • Oven: Stone and earth underground conical oven
  • Maceration: By hand with wooden mallet (pezón) and Axe
  • Fermentation: with spring water in a stone and clay basin
  • Distillation: 2x in Tree trunk still (Oak) also referred as "Tren"
  • Final composition: heads and tails of second distillation
  • Only 48 bottles of 500ml!!
  • ABV: 48%
  • 1LEDEU