La Venenosa Tabernas III Edition

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Benito and Jose S. Ríos are and excelent team. Benito himslef an agronomist and engineer, oversees all off the farming tastks, from germination of agave seed to maintaining the plantations of both agaves Chico aguiar and Maximiliana. Joel is in charge of the tasks  of the  tavern, cooking, fermentation and distillation come from his hand which he learned from Don Felix´s grandson. Don Felix was a legendary maestro in the area and mentored many distillers

They have managed to set an example stating that younger generations can also do things well.

Very excited about this product that further showcases the rich diversity of Jalisco in terms of Agave, style of production and terrior.
A happy marriage between Espadin and Maximiliana, Tabernas keeps getting more awesome!

  • Agave Chico aguiar ( Angustifolia A.) & Maxiliana A.
  • Sierra Occidental, El Mosco, Jalisco
  • Adobe oven
  • Fermentation in Tinaco
  • Double distilled in Stainless and Copper still
  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 45.1° Alc./ Vol