Group Hug

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Sparkling cider made of a 50/50 blend of apples from around Stockholm and pears from Skåne. Twenty percent of the apples went through a seven week maceration adding a bit of body to this vintage.

This is our everyday cider from BRUTES, a drink for basically any occasion, great on its own or with light food. Part of the apples were macerated for seven weeks, which balances the bright pears with some well needed bitterness for more length. 
An every day glugger!


On the nose – Tropical notes and and sweet yellow pears

On the palate – Clear notes of pear with a bit of cloves and some well needed bitterness for more length. Sharp but not crazy high acidity and extremely juicy.


Vegan burger , Veggie BBQ , your best friends.
5.5% ABV