Aguerrido Don Vicencio & Doña Gabina 200ML

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This is the second batch we import from the Aguerrido collective.
Along with a superb batch from Don Antonio Sonido again in half liter bottles.

 We decided to reimport Batches from the people that we connected the most on our last  trip in March 2022. This batch is all in flasks.

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Don Vicencio Miranda (Grandson of Ciro) and his wife Doña Gabina Morales work mainly with their core family and make some extraordinary Mezcales. They are also the youngest of the Aguerrido Family. Their Fabric is also shared with their personal home, one can feel the familiar vibe in there. This place was our first visit on a production area in the state and it holds a special place in our hearts.
We had the chance to visit some of Don Vicencio agave fields where we got blown away by the landscape. This plants are both beautiful and extremely defensive a fine representation of the state mindset.

    • Maestr@s Vicencio & Gabina
    • Ahuacoutzintla, Guerrero
    • Agave Cupreata (papalote) Capón Wild forged  9-12 years, Harvested on Rocky slope
    • Conical Underground with stone Cooked for 5 days W/ White & yellow Oak + Tepehuaje 
    • Shredder Machine
    • Ayacahuite wood vat Fermentation for 7 days
    • Double distillation Copper Alembic
    • Volume: 200 ml
    • 200 Liter batch- 96 liters bottled for EU
    • 02CAPDEU