Coffee with Chocolate Dragées Tüte 70g

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Collaborative spirit is at the heart of Agavera. We have teamed in with Rosa Canina in Berlin, a prime Chocolate factory in town. They carry the same ideology of going for quality instead of quantity, using the best ingredients, and carrying bio certifications with all their raw materials.

A combination of creaminess and crunch, this chocolate contains
nibs of Oaxacan coffee, roasted by Raw Materials in Berlin.
The beans bring a cracking texture with mild
acidity. A delicious match with a cup of Mexican coffee or
a small batch mezcalito. We believe more smokey and mineral
varieties will make this one truly shine on your palate.
Ingredients: Cacao content: 78%, Cacao Butter, Raw sugar cane, Coffee beans
from Oaxaca Union San Pedro, Mexico
Ingredients from certified organic farming
Cocoa content: 83%