Chocolate bars with Chilepín Chili 60Gr

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Collaborative spirit is at the heart of Agavera. We have teamed in with Rosa Canina in Berlin, a prime Chocolate factory in town. They carry a the same ideology of going for quality instead of quantity, using the best ingredients and caring bio certifications with all they raw material.

A fun and warm dynamic between Mexican endemic chiltepín and chocolate beans from Belize. Chiltepín (also called the ‘mother of all chiles’) is a little red round pepper that can be easily mistaken for red peppercorn.

We received this mini batch of Chiltepín Chilis from the Maestro Dolores Garcia himself. He es the legend behind the northern mezcal "Cumbrita de la sierra". He also generates income with the harvest of this iconic endemic Chili. Consider one of the "sassy sisters" of the Agave!

The taste is mildly smoky, which rounds up its distinct earthiness. The deep chocolate taste blends bright pineapple and honey notes in a playful interaction of bold flavors. A perfect partner to pair with lactic or low/smoke agave spirits.

Ingredients: Cacao content: 83%, Cacao Butter, Raw sugar cane, Chiltepín Capsicum annuum var. Glabriusculum
Ingredients from certified organic farming