Chili Cranberry Dragées Tüte 70g

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Collaborative spirit is at the heart of Agavera. We have teamed in with Rosa Canina in Berlin, a prime Chocolate factory in town. They carry a the same ideology of going for quality instead of quantity, using the best ingredients and caring bio certifications with all they raw material.

With the expertise of Iza Delgado, head chocolate maker of Rosa Canina, we embraced a delectable triangle of flavours chocolate, chili and dried cranberry. The immediate chewy and tender plunge into the fruit blends harmoniously with the other ingredients. The trio triumphs with a fiery but sweet taste experience. 
Cocoa beans, Chiltepín dry Chili, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cranberries, cocoa powder.

Ingredients from certified organic farming

Cocoa content: 83%