Aguerrido Don Refugio

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 Aguerrido is a brand that comes from the heat of the state of Guerrero, one of the least represented mezcal producing states.
Represented by well know and seasoned maestros mezcaleros, each expression is a journey on its own. 

Don Refugio is a fundamental pillar to the Aguerrido Family. He regularly visits all other maestros, goes to most of the fairs outside its community and also is the one that can muscle larger productions. He is funny, outgoing and creates cohesion within the collective.
His Fabrica/ taberna "El Pochote" is also located in a prime location where stone (for the cooking), Spring water and Palma (used to cover the uncooked agave) & agave are quick at hand. He makes a delicious Cupreata infused with Chumilin, a classic recipe from the state.

  • Maestro Don Refugio
  • Tetitlan de la Lima, Guerrero
  • Agave Cupreata (papalote) Harvested 8-10 years, Harvested on Red mud soil
  • Conical Underground with stone Cooked for 5 days W/ White & yellow Oak + Tepehuaje 
  • Shredder Machine
  • Ayacahuite wood vat Fermentation for 4 days
  • Double distillation Copper Alembic
  • Volume: 500 ml
  • 48.7° ABV
  • Lote: 01CHMDEU
  • 300 Lt batch

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