Aguerrido Don Antonio'22

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Second imported Batch from these lovely collective brand!! We focused in two producers this time around since we connected with them more in our travels to Guerrero on March 2022. Don Antonio in amazing half liter bottles and Don Vicencio & D. Gabina in Flasks!
Check out our analog photo log!!

Don Antonio Sonido is a maestro that conveys joy and deep knowledge for his craft, he was as also light feet on the fields.

He produces in a sort of mini valley where a lot of crops are grown, sheep, & chicken roam around. His backyard where packed with cabbages when we came to visit.
His fabric had a special vibe, one where a lot of great mezcal sessions have been held.

  • Maestro Don Antonio Sonido
  • Pantitlan, Guerrero
  • Agave Cupreata (papalote) Wild 8-14 years , Harvested on ash soil
  • Conical Underground with stone Cooked for 8 days W/ White Oak + Tepehuaje 
  • Mechanical Grindier
  • Ayacahuite wood vat Fermentation for 6 days
  • Double distillation Copper Alembic
  • Volume: 500 ml
  • 49° ABV
  • Lote: 01ASDEU
  • 135Lt batch

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