Damajuana single Mezcalero

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Mexico made, this Damajuana cup will imprint an individual touch to your daily life at home, where most of us we are spending most for the last year!

We brought some single Mezcaleros this year as we have noticed that not everyone wants to acquire a set of 4 pilot cups. 
Each cup holds 60 ml of your favorite spirit, espresso or Tea.

This single mezcalero is the perfect addition to your order of spirits!

Each piece is hand made for a highly skillful ceramics in Tlaquepaque Jalisco, cradle of stoneware in Mexico.
Expect a very robust set of four cups, each one with a unique heritage glaze that will mark its individuality.

Each piece is packed individually and randomly from 4 sets of colors:
Purpule, Brown, turquoise  and Agave .

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