Sin Gusano Ticuchi (Capón)

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These Sin Gusano bottles are the first collaboration with our good friend Jon Darby how single handed runs this project as well as M.A.S. - Mezcal Appreciation Society.

Sin gusano is working for the wider understanding and preservation of artisanal agave distillates – traditionally known as “Mezcal” – as well as the sustainable development of rural, mezcal producing regions of Southern Mexico.

Producer: Amando Alvarado Alvarez

Agave: Ticuchi (A. Nussaviorum)

Community: Santa Maria Ixcatlán, Northern Cañada, Oaxaca

Distillation style: Clay pots, double pass

Special notes: Rawhide fermentation

ABV: 48.4% 200ML Bottles

Batch: AAA-02

Batch size: 39 liters

Distillation: March 2020

Release date: April 2022

Profile notes: Straight-up candy floss, but with a depth that can only come from this ancestral process.

In the north of the Cañada region of Oaxaca, not far from the border with Puebla, sits the tiny community (less than 700 people) of Santa Maria Ixcatlán. It’s here that Amando Alvarado Alvarez began distilling at a very young age.

Now in his early 30’s Amando has taken charge of the family palenque, become a champion of the heritage and traditions of the region he’s from, and launched the palenque’s own international brand, Ixcateco.

Producers in this region are fundamentally working with maguey Papalome (A.Potatorum), which grows abundantly in the surrounding countryside. However the batch we have here is made from a relatively recently classified cousin of the Potatorum, Agave Nussaviorum, locally known in Ixcatlán as ‘Ticuchi’.

In layman’s terms, Nussavorium is a smaller version of Potatorum. It’s most obvious physical difference is a quiote that only sprouts a fraction of the height. For a much deeper look at the taxonomy of Agave Nussaviorum and how it compares to the more widely known Agave Potatorum, check out this research paper. We also discuss some of the differences in the April 2022 MAS newsletter.

This extremely rare batch is made from 100% capon, wild Ticuchi.