Sin Gusano Mexicano

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These Sin Gusano bottles are the first collaboration with our good friend Jon Darby how single handed runs this project as well as M.A.S. - Mezcal Appreciation Society.

Sin gusano is working for the wider understanding and preservation of artisanal agave distillates – traditionally known as “Mezcal” – as well as the sustainable development of rural, mezcal producing regions of Southern Mexico.

Producer: Sergio Juarez Patricio & Luis Enrique Juarez

Agave: Mexicano (A. Rhodacantha)

Region: San Agustín Amatengo, Ejutla, Oaxaca

Distillation style: Copper alembic with reflux plate, single pass.

ABV: 50.4% 200ML Bottle

Batch: SJP-02

Release date: February 2022

Profile notes: Dry, clean, acetone nose, with no smoke. Sweet on the palate with agave-forward stone fruit flavours that get fuller in the mouth the longer you let it breathe. Not to be rushed.

Ejutla is the most southernly district in the central valleys of Oaxaca. Here you’ll find the community of San Agustín Amatengo, where Sergio Juarez Patricio and his son Luis produce delicious agave spirits in the family palenque.

What sets Ejutla apart from the other central valley districts, like Ocotlán and Tlacolula, is the tradition of using a refrescador (water bath) around the condensing chamber of the copper alembic. Moreover, in the case of this palenque at least, that chamber contains a reflux plate.

The engineering of this set-up effectively creates a double (or at least 1.5x) distillation with one pass of the still, creating high-proof, clean-profile spirits.

The roast is 3 days in a classic earthen horno. Milling by machete and a particularly large and heavy tahona pulled by two bulls. Fermentation takes 8-9 days in open air wooden tinas.

Sergio & Luis work with the full spectrum of agave available to the in the valleys. This batch is 100% maguey Mexicano (A.Rhodacantha). 51 piñas produced a 150 litre batch.