Sample Kit Jalisco

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This kit Includes five spirits from Jalisco, The goal with this sample selection is to present the wide diversity within this beautiful state.

La Venenosa offers a big range of Agaves and diverse techniques of production be the hand of skillful Maestros Taberneros that trust in the leadership of Esteban Morales G. the owner and Pioneer of Raicilla category world wide.
The line up of Agaves/ producers is Indeed a special one, It´s a flight that will help take you to understand a wider picture of the agave category. YES deeper into the rabbit hole!! 

We have recorded this incredible session so you can have full access to this expressions an beyond. A truly eye opening experience guaranteed.
Along the tasting you´ll have a presentation of how each expression is made;
Cooking, fermentation, distillation and everything in between!

Read more about the expressions and the travels in here.

The spirits:
  1. Lobo de la Sierra
  2. Sierra Volcanes 
Tasting has been recorded via  Zoom.  you will get a unique link to download the 2 hour tasting.
Consider ordering Some Damajuanas to Improve your tasting experience, we´ll throw in the fifth one for FREE!

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