Palabra Bar Tasting session

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Monthly tasting experience at the lovely Palabra bar in the heart of Friedrichshain in Berlin.

Explore the wide and fun universe of Mexican Agave spirits on this tasting, guided by the founder of Agavera.
Each month we venture in Agave different "flights" with focus on different topics:  

  • Diversity (of Agaves, tools & style of production)
  • How to Enjoy a good mezcal and identify Quality
  • Sense of place (cultural background, regionality, current status)
  • Tradition (benefits and hardships of small scale production)

On the month of September (15.09.22) we will Learn by Sipping with:

  1. La Venenosa Tabernas Reposado ( A. Maximiliana) Jalisco
  2. Aguerrido Don Tomas ( Maturated A. Cupreata ) Guerrero
  3. Campanilla Verde (A. Salmiana) San Luis Potosi
  4. Vago Tio Rey ( Madurated A. Potatorum) Oaxaca
Frankfurter Allee 23, 10247 Berlin
19:00Uhr to 20:30 (+/- 15 min)

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