NETA Ensamble wild agave

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Very excited to offer such a special Ensamble!!
Just 71 bottles in the market of this delicious juice.  So don't wait to long to get your hands on it!
Please take the time to read this awesome close up of the product, beautifully typed by the NETA crew
Predominately composed of Madrecuixe and Jabalín harvested from family land in a neighboring community, this field blend was made with a mix of wild magueyes that were cooked together, and co-fermented before distillation. The crafting of ensambles forms part of a long-standing regional practice that reveals the complex flavors of the local landscape. While Jabalín is a maguey common to the Miahuatlán landscape, it was never used in mezcal production until recent years.

Miguel García Jarquín is a young multi-generational mezcal producer and is also the son in law of the producers Hermogenes Vásquez and Paula Aquino Sánchez. After marrying their daughter Felicitas, he made this first batch on their palenque. The proceeds from selling this batch was to be used for the baptism of he and Felicitas’ newborn daughter. We we able to purchase half of this batch while the rest was sold locally to friends of the family. Not only is this a remarkable spirit, but we feel it important to promote field blends, or ensambles, as they represent the most traditional type of agave spirit and are inherently more sustainable in their production.

  • Miguel Garcia Jarquin
  • Agave Madracuixe/ Jabalin / Bicuixe 
  • Logoche, Miahuitlan. Sierra Sur Oaxaca
  • Conical earthen oven
  • Native yeast in Montezuma cypress wood tanks
  • Double distillation in copper pot stills
  • 50.7°
  • Lot: ENSMGS1911

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