Hip Hop (collab with To ØL)

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HIP-HOP (2018) - collab with To ØL

Hip-Hop is a wild dry-hopped cider. The dry cider from garden apples matured a couple of months in a tank before we added Mosaic, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria hops. The following week the cider was bottled.

The 2018 is a bit more funky and farm house ish/stable notes.

The bottles were filled and placed upside down in the pupitres for the yeast to crawl towards the neck. We slightly rotated the bottle by hand until the yeast was totally stuck in the neck. The bottles were then disgorged - the capsules (bidules) are opened and the pressure in the bottles shoots out yeast from the neck.

A dry, sour and wild fermented cider with a streetwise balance of citrusy aromas and infinite loads of tiny bubbles.

It takes two to tango. But it takes To Øl to Hip-Hop.
This one we recommend with the wilder  raicillas that are out there like  Costa Norte or Sierra del Tigre

Style: Hopped cider

Sweetness: Dry

Apple varieties: Mixed garden apples+ Mosaic, Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

Region apples: Fyn(hops: US + Germany)

Vinification: Nordhavn, Copenhagen

Organic: Yes (not certified)(hops are not organic)

Fermentation: Spontaneous

Maceration: No

Filtration: No

Disgorgement: Yes (spring 2020)