Gift box tasting collaboration

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We teamed up with Zornkorn to launch this incredible tasting kit! 

We believe that Germany also has a vast lineage of endemic crafted spirits and we thought it would be super fun to create a pairing of two incredible spirits from both countries. The supreme quality items this gift box certainty brings Germany and Mexico closer together, lifted by their spirits and catalyzed by the tea, chocolate and Tamarind!

Good spirits are seldom drunk in solitude. Get this for your loved ones and enjoy the fruits of it!

In it you will find the mezcal CLAN55, which is distilled in the southwest Mexico from particularly ripe agaves of the Espadin variety. There is also a bottle of Zorn Korn, a fine distillate made from 100 percent wheat that has been micro batch distilled at low temperatures 

The cocoa beans and the Belyzium chili chocolate from Berliner Schokoladen Manufaktur 31 ° go well with the spirits. The tamarind balls from Mexico, come into play in a tangy, sour, hot way.  The tea makes space to catalyze everything in the box. In Shizuoka (Japan) the leaves of the green Secha (tea) Mura 50/50 were grown and harvested and then brought to Hamburg by the Tea Addicts.

Pairing is sharing!


The clear one among the confused: pure, tart-fruity, made from 100 percent wheat. The noble distillate is distilled at low temperatures in just one process - and later sipped at room temperature, not tipped. Zorn Korn is the crazy idea of ​​three friends from Hamburg's Gängeviertel who wanted to radically trim a boring recipe for quality. The result is a hell of a good droplet with no frills.

40 ° vol., 0.2 l

About CLAN55

This traditional mezcal is handcrafted with particularly ripe agaves of the Espadin variety in southwest Mexico and is double-distilled in the copper still. Not a drop of additional water ends up in the bottle - but the whole taste. CLAN55 is produced in very small batches. The craft spirits enthusiast Christian Schrader discovered it. As Agavera, he sells a curated selection of high-quality Mexican spirits in Berlin.

55 ° vol., 0.2 l