Fidencio Mezcal

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Fidencio is a classic Expression from the Oaxacan state. Traditionally produced by a proud family that has a big root in Santiago Matatlan, world capital of Mezcal.
Imposible to do something wrong with this mezcal. Its has all the key elements needed to enjoy and connect with that land.
Using only 100% state grown espadin Fidencio has the advantage of owning the land where they grow their agave, avoiding the now common game of price speculation.
What you see in the palenque speaks for itself. Ripe agave that results in a full bodied mezcal.

🌟Craftspirits Festival Destille Berlin 2018 Bronze Medal

  • Producer Enrique Jimenez
  • Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca México
  • Agave Espadin  ( Angustifolia Haw)
  • Conical oven pit roast for 3 days
  • Tahona Grinding
  • Double distillation in Copper stills
  • Volume: 700 ml
  • 45° ABV