BEÚ Moon ceremony

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BEÚ Spirits‘ MOON CEREMONY mezcal is crafted by Domingo Orozco, alias „el alquimista“, in Santo Domingo Albarradas, Oaxaca. This traditional agave spirit is infused with the ancient and mystical Prehispanic wield of copal - the aromatic resin from an endemic tree in Mexico “Protium-copal” - a cleanser for the body and soul in sacred rituals. Choose your ceremony and enjoy every drop of this unique hand-selected spirit.

Maguey: Espadín (Agave angustifolia)
Location: Santo Domingo Albarradas
Producer: Alquimista Destilados
Maestro Mezcalero: Domingo Orozco
Ripening time: 8-10 years
Class: Joven
Category: Artesanal
Additions: Black Copal from Oaxaca
Oven type: Conical earth oven
Mill type: Horse-drawn milling
Fermentation: 10 days of natural fermentation in pinewood barrels
Distillation: Triple-distilled in copper pot-stills
Alc. Vol: 42%
Net. Cont: 700 mL

Taste profile: Nose: Freshly chopped wood, slightly smoldering fire, fresh “pencas de maguey”, with subtle tones of green grass
Palette: Notes of pine, birch, moss leading into a well balanced
smokiness, with smooth, mouthwatering tones of pepper and eucalyptus -
continuing through the long finish

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