Aguerrido Don Antonio

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 Aguerrido is a brand that comes from the heat of the state of Guerrero, one of the least represented mezcal producing states.
Represented by well know and seasoned maestros mezcaleros, each expression is a journey on its own. 

Don Antonio Sonido is a maestro that conveys joy and deep knowledge for his craft, he was as also light feet on the fields.

He produces in a sort of mini valley where a lot of crops are grown, sheep, & chicken roam around. His backyard where packed with cabbages when we came to visit.
His fabric had a special vibe, one where a lot of great mezcal sessions have been held.

  • Maestro Don Antonio Sonido
  • Pantitlan, Guerrero
  • Agave Cupreata (papalote) Wild 8-14 years , Harvested on ash soil
  • Conical Underground with stone Cooked for 8 days W/ White Oak + Tepehuaje 
  • Mechanical Grindier
  • Ayacahuite wood vat Fermentation for 6 days
  • Double distillation Copper Alembic
  • Volume: 500 ml
  • 49.7° ABV
  • Lote: 01ASDEU
  • 200 Lt batch