NETA Bicuixe 2019

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After winning Best Agave at the Cocktail Spirits Paris 2019 for his 2017 vintage of Bicuixe, we’re excited to share our third release of Celso’s Bicuixe to Europe. Finished in May 2019, Celso with the help of his family, followed his signature recipe, harvesting 300 piñas of wild growing Bicuixe plants from their rocky, cascajo parcels, all of which were carefully selected for their ripeness. The maestro maintains the practice of resting his freshly cut agave for several days before and after the cooking process, a method for maximizing flavors and yield. This 2019 batch is undeniably “Celso” through and through. For those that have had the pleasure of trying Celso’s 2017 Bicuixe, you will find much in common with the aromas, flavors, and textures in this bottling. For everyone else, welcome to the Cult of Celso! The sense of place and touch of the maker are evident the moment the bottle is opened and can linger for hours after the last drop is finished.

  • Celso Garcia Cruz

  • Bicuixe ( A. Karwinskii Var.)
  • Logoche, Miahuitlan. Sierra Sur Oaxaca

  • Conical earthen oven

  • Native yeast in Montezuma cypress wood tanks

  • Double distillation in copper pot stills

  • 46.3° ALC

  • Lot BXCEL1905

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