Sin Gusano Barril

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These Sin Gusano bottles are the first collaboration with our good friend Jon Darby how single handed runs this project as well as M.A.S. - Mezcal Appreciation Society.

Sin gusano is working for the wider understanding and preservation of artisanal agave distillates – traditionally known as “Mezcal” – as well as the sustainable development of rural, mezcal producing regions of Southern Mexico.

Producer: Fortunato Hernández

Agave: Barril (A.Karwinski)

Region: San Baltazar Chichicapam, Ocotlán, Oaxaca

Distillation style: Copper alembic, double passed

ABV: 47.6%  200ML bottle

Release date: February 2022

Batch: FH-02

Profile notes: Rich sweet English marmalade and mild smoke on the nose gives way to spiced Mexican chamoy on the palate. Deliciously balanced mid-palate of sweet, spice, and smoke, fade into a tingly finish leaving you wanting another sweet sip.

In the Ocotlán valley of central Oaxaca sits the community of San Baltazar Chichicapam, and within that the co-operative palenqe pictured below. Local mezcaleros without their own equipment can use the co-op for a fee of 2 litres of finished mezcal per filled fermentation vat.

This is where Fortunato, along with his wife Victoria, have for years been making their batches, and where we first met them in 2016. This batch of Barril is the last of theirs to come out of the co-op, and provided Fortunato the necessary funds to put the roof on his own brand new palenque, which was constructed in 2020 and is now operational.

Fortunato works with a wide variety of agave, but this batch is 100% Barril (A.Karwinski).

Fortunato works with a wide variety of agave, but this batch is 100% Barril (A.Karwinski). The roast is a classic earthen hono, milling by machete (see vid below) and horse drawn tahona. Fermentation happens in classic wooden tinas. Everything is double distilled in a classic copper alembic.

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