Garrafas Mezcal Oaxaca


Hey Everyone, excited to be back from Oaxaca & beyond and to share with you notes from the trip in anticipation of the first Agavera Digital Tasting we will be sharing soon. 

The commitment to visit Oaxaca (and Jalisco . . .) every year is grounded in the principle of continuous learning. It never really ends when you jump into Agave World with all its categories. If you have an open mind and the willingness to get lost you will be flashed with awesomeness & a wider horizon.

So, as I decided to keep my days in Oaxaca City a bit shorter than in previous years, I wasted no time by visiting familiar friendly faces. In a sensorial tasting at In Situ with Ulises Torrentera I was presented with an expression from Tamaulipas ( A. Montana) and an EXTRAORDINARY Tobala from Ejutla. There I bagged the first one for the tasting. It was a solid start and a nice catch up with Ulises.


As many of you know Miahuatlan de Porfirio is home to several great maestros, so we decided to head there and check out the town for a couple of days.

It was a unique experience that helped to better understand not only the several kinds of Agave species and their local names along with other important aspects of the complex dynamics of production of the juice, but also, to develop a greater knowledge about the everyday necessities and concerns of the people that live in the area. You just can’t have one without the other.


In the community of Logoche some 20+ Min from the Mihuatlan, we visited several producers thanks to the team from NETA, who kindly showed us the way (Thanks Max!). There we met a very groovy couple that produce together and also individually, tasty, tasty juice that we enjoyed to the last drop. Here we bought the Pulquero that is also in the tasting kit.


We visited them in two occasions and it was lovely to witness younger mezcaleros giving it a real go at producing with the guidance of Hermógenes Garcia & Paula Aquino. Click in their links to know more about them!


Also in Logoche we met Celso Garcia and his son Mario Garcia.

We struck a good vibe from the very start and of course we tried some epic gear. Mario who is 21 years old sold me the Verde. It is still hard to grasp the quality that comes from this new generations...


EVERYBODY KNOWS that Ensembles are a good deal. The profile is BIG and you get to drink more that one agave in each sip. Nowadays it is often the case that you’ll get always an Espadin in that mix of tasty mezcal. It’s an expensive and risky endeavor to go at it with precious, low yield, agaves that take several year to ripe. This Ensemble is one of the most expressive yet smooth that I have ever had. It is also a 110 liter batch!


The capón comes from the the older brother of Celso - Candido Garcia. He is the eldest of all the producers I met in Oaxaca this year. I found myself visiting the day his wife was celebrating her Birthday and was invited to feast with the family and friends. He has an overwhelming amount of Mezcal. I don’t want to spoil the fun - more of this amazing Maestro on the tasting on the 29th!


Don't wait up ! Be sure to order your sample kit and experience all of these truly amazing mezcals. 


There is a very limited amount, partly because I decided to do such decent pours of each expression !!! :)


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Written by christian schrader
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